What Is The Best Age To Buy A Phone For Your Child


I am dreading next month. My son is going to celebrating his birthday soon and like any other millennial he wants a phone as his birthday gift. As much as I want to get him anything that he wants, as it is his special day, I can’t stop and wonder, “What is the best age to buy a phone for your kid?” I know I have to keep emotions aside and think logically. Age has nothing to do with what is the best age to buy a cell phone for a child. It has more to do with being responsible and mature to be able to handle one of the advanced pieces of technology. Cell phones and internet can be a lethal combination. Cyberbullying, trolling, and safety of children are all things that we, as a mother, try to protect our children from. Having said that, my son does need a phone as he attends a lot of classes after school and takes public transport for commuting. Keeping in touch with him with definitely make me less anxious about his whereabouts