What is Genius Learning


Genius hour is an approach to leaning where students are guided by their own interests, background knowledge, and curiosity to learn. From the outside looking in, it is less organized, less formal, and less standardized than traditional learning. Genius hour is truly ''open-ended'' leaning characterized by student self direction, passion-based leaning,inquiry, and autonomy. In public education, genius hour can be though of as a response to rigid,test-driven, and ''achievement-focused'' climate that testing-based model of school improvement has encouraged in school over the two or three decades. Genius hour allows ( Actually, it requires) students to explore their own ideas and follow their own instincts in leaning for the sake of leaning creating for the sake of creating and doing for the sake of doing. An underling assumption of genius hour is that if students are given space and tools and audience and time, they will create something personal and compelling and of course be ''leaning'' in the process. It has several unique characteristics that separate it from other approaches to education.