Study abroad in Korea South


Study abroad in South Korea

Study abroad in South Korea 

South Korea offers you a unique experience in a culture totally different from yours in which ancestral traditions are mixed with the most modern trends. Studying in this country of contrasts also guarantees a high quality education and numerous job opportunities, especially in the technology sector

Foreign students can study at Korean universities depending on the level of knowledge of the language. There are several modalities:

  • Study during a semester, studying a normal year, like any Korean student would do.
  • Program student exchange for students of foreign institutions that have an agreement with local universities.
  • Temporary program that usually develops during the vacation period. The course consists of learning the Korean language as well as other types of subjects.


A normal course with the subjects taught in English

Currently, universities teach 30% of the subjects in English to adapt to the international education program. The percentage of subjects taught in English at postgraduate study centers is even higher than that registered at universities.

Why study in Korea?

The postgraduate course in Korea is highly respected throughout the world, particularly in technical areas such as engineering and information technology. Many master's programs are taught in English. Korean schools have remarkable research programs, distinguished faculty and state-of-the-art research centers. Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

Korea charges all students, both Korean citizens and international students, the same tuition. In addition to offering master's degrees that are more affordable than those in English-speaking countries, the Korean government, Korean universities and several private foundations offer many scholarship programs designed specifically for international students. Many Korean universities also provide employment assistance for international students.

Registration and Duration of the program

Annual tuition varies by program and university, but in general averages around $ 4,000 (US) to $ 8,000 (US), tuition in national and public schools is approximately half that in schools. Private schools. However, private schools are many more national and public schools.

Master's courses generally require two or more years to complete. More master's degrees require courses, an exam and a thesis.

Cost Of Living

South Korea is one of the countries with lower standard of living high. Its capital, Seoul, has the privilege of being among the top ten in the ranking of the most expensive cities. The appreciation of the Won, the local currency, has triggered already high prices. Even so, there is a notable difference between living in one area or another of the country.

The education and housing are two of the concepts spenders Koreans. The success is closely related to the level of education that is possessed, therefore, the Korean parents do not skimp on expenses so that their children can be formed in the most complete way possible. Only in learning English can spend up to 900 euros per month and is that this language is the key to access the University.

The food is relatively cheap, there are plenty of fast food for little money can get you in trouble. A meal can cost you from 20 to 60 euros per person, depending on the place you choose, but you will always enjoy the best quality of traditional cuisine. The markets offer fruits, vegetables, meat and fish at a good price and of very good quality. In rural areas, you can undoubtedly live with considerably less budget than in the cities of the west of the country.

Test Requirements

A minimum score of 5.5 in IELTS or a score of 80 in TOEFL

Job during Study

Student can do job 20hrs per week


Admission are opened in month of Jan/May /Sep