Study abroad in Singapore


Study Abroad in Singapore

Everything about studying in Singapore: Key information

Do you want to study in Singapore? In this section you will find key information that you must know to plan your trip successfully. In addition, we recommend that you click on each step so that you can read useful information about the different aspects to consider in your study application process.

5 reasons to study in Singapore:

1. Fascinating mix of Eastern and Western cultures. 
2. Great ethnic diversity. 
3. World class educational system. 
4. Variety of international restaurants, shops and nightclubs. 
5. Impressive economic planning and urban infrastructure


Education is in English, the only official language of the country. Then there are three eminent languages, called mother tongues: Mandarin, Malay and Tamil. All students must study one of these three languages ​​from primary school, unless the parents request the exemption in writing. Here the most extreme casuistry reigns: for example, if the child is Muslim, he is supposed to study Malay, but if he is an Indian Muslim, it is normal for him to study Tamil. Complication: what happens if you are an Indian Muslim of Malabar or Punjabi or Gujarati origin? Maybe the government will exempt you from studying a second language. Anyway, many parents see bilingualism as an advantage (I agree) and they want the progeny to study another language, whatever it may be and regardless of religious considerations.


January /February /April/May/July/August/October/November


  • Polytechnic Diploma and graduate programs require band score of 6.0.
  • Master Degree requires IELTS with 6.0 – 6.5 band.


The Cost of Living in Singapore

The cost of living in Singapore is on the rise - again, and in 2011 it even outpaced its rival, Hong Kong, in terms of expensive destinations. The cost of the Mercer Vida survey (2011) ranked it as the eighth most expensive city in the world, just after Zurich and well ahead of London. 

Accommodation Expenses 

The cost of housing in Singapore depends on factors such as the proximity of the property to the city , the relative age of the goods , the availability of leisure facilities (such as swimming pool, gym, etc. ) and the quality of the Furniture that comes with the accommodation.  Therefore, you should take your time to decide where you want to live in Singapore and make a decision only after careful consideration of the average rental cost as well as your personal preferences.