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Study in Switzerland

Have you ever wondered if studying in Switzerland is expensive or if you have to wait a long time to get your student visa? Let's be clear: the visa process to study in Switzerland is very similar to that of other European countries and tuition costs can be much cheaper. Switzerland is not a cheap country, but your monthly expenses will depend on your lifestyle, for example, it is not the same to live in a residence, a studio or ... a castle in the Swiss mountains.

 Education in Switzerland

Excellent reputation - this is what you hear from the experts and what is globally recognized in Swiss education ... but do you really know why it is valuable to study in Switzerland?

First of all, being an international business centre, in the heart of Europe, you can be sure that you will study in a multicultural environment, having the opportunity to learn different languages ​​such as French, German and Italian directly from natives, as well as to relate with many other students of the world.

Why Choose Switzerland

• 85% of the Swiss are satisfied with the education of their country

• It is a country with great punctuality

• It is a multicultural country where you will learn a lot

• It enjoys a privileged location in Europe that will allow you to move easily from one country to another

• It has a very wide educational diversity, since it depends on the region where you are

• It has a score of 7.8 / 10 in quality of life

List of prominent universities in Switzerland

As we already know, there are many prestigious universities in Switzerland. Here is a list of some of the most interesting if you plan to study here:

• University of Geneva

• University of Zurich

• University of Lausanne 

• St. Gallen University

• European Graduate School


• January / February /April / May/ July/ August /October /November

Requirements to access the University in Switzerland

In general, to process access to a University or university study center in Switzerland when you are a foreigner, you must submit:

• Copy of identity document

• The application of the centre in question

• Higher education certificate / access to the University in the country of origin

• Language proficiency title in which the study will be taken

• CV and motivation letter

• Payment of application fee

• Two passport photos

Live in Switzerland

Accommodation expenses will depend on the accommodation style you choose, since there are many options for staying: a hotel room, a student residence, a studio, or, even a castle - obviously, the castle is not just for you, but if you can have a room in a Swiss chateaux, which are mansions located between the farms and vineyards of the country. It is not a dream: it is possible to live in these wonderful places!

The school can help you find the best place for you during your stay in Switzerland. It is recommended that you have a budget of at least 1600CHF for your monthly expenses, including meals and personal expenses, transportation and health insurance. Remember: Switzerland is not a cheap country and Zurich and Geneva are usually considered the most expensive cities in the world, but, like any other destination where they offer high quality education, your expenses will depend on your budget and your habits.