Study abroad in Sweden


Study abroad in Sweden

Study abroad in Sweden

Sweden enjoys having one of the most prestigious education systems in the world. The unquestionable quality of their higher education greatly increases their international strength, leading many to decide to live an international experience as a student in one of their universities.

Why Sweden?

An important fact that seems to encourage those who choose Sweden as a place of study is the free university education for all those nationals of any country belonging to the European Union (and EEA or Switzerland).

Another fact to take into account is the quality of Swedish education. According to the Academic Ranking of the best Universities in the World, prepared by Shanghai Jio Tong University, the universities of Karolinska Institute, University of Uppsala and Stockholm University would be placed among the hundred best, while a total of eleven more would be located among the five hundred better. 

Education System

There are two possibilities for university studies, universities and institutes of higher education. There are no major differences between them; the most important difference is that the universities offer research studies after the completion of the base course, while the higher education institutes do not.

Cost of living

In addition to rent, food and items that keep you warm during the winter; there are other unavoidable economic commitments. Take a look at what you will surely have to pay for:

Public services (if or are included in the rent), per month ... 812 SEK

Internet, 8 MB, monthly ... 206 SEK

Prepaid rate for 1 minute of mobile telephony (without discount or plans)

Entry requirements

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) must pass this test to take admission in university

Cost of Study

The tuition fees usually range between SEK 70,000 and 170,000 per academic year. The exact amount will depend on your program, degree level and the university.