Study abroad in United Kingdom


Study Abroad in UK

Study Abroad in UK

All foreigners under the age of sixteen have the right and duty to education under the same conditions as citizens of the United Kingdom, that is, they have the right to a basic, free and compulsory education, to obtain the corresponding academic qualification and access to the public system of scholarships and grants in the same way as if they had been born in the United Kingdom. 

This academic training includes primary education (from 6 to 11 years of age) and compulsory secondary education (up to 16 years of age).

The United Kingdom is a country with a large number of international students, so it will be easy for you to find support and resources for foreigners. 

Each year hundreds of thousands of international students decide to complete their education in the land of Shakespeare. The United Kingdom is an excellent place to improve your English, receive education in some of the best universities in the world or do tourism in cities with an exciting history

 • Capital London

 • Most populated city London 8.63 million (2015)

 • Official language English

 • Form of government Parliamentary monarchy

 • Pound sterling currency

Why Choose United Kingdom

• Practice English

• Quality of education, some of the best universities in the world are in the United Kingdom

• Large number of international students and multicultural environment

• Very well adapted for disabled people

• Intense cultural activity

The costs of studying in the United Kingdom

In the case of Colombia, for not belonging to the European Union, tuition fees range from 3,500 pounds ($ 13,320,000) to approximately 36,500 pounds ($ 139,000,000) per year. 

This last price is that of the medical program at the University of Cambridge, one of the most expensive. However, the prices will vary according to the course and the institution. The enrolment of most university centres is 9,000 pounds ($ 34,200,000) per year.