Study abroad in Czech Republic


Study in Czech Republic

Study in Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is located in Central Europe and has a rich history of culture and lifestyle. The country has access to the sea and has borders with Austria, Germany, Poland and Slovakia. Although the Czech Republic is a member of the EU, the currency is the Czech Crown (CZK). The country is also a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). The Czech Republic is especially known for a long history of producing high quality musical instruments, including wind instruments, pianos, pipe organs and string instruments, famous brands include Amati, Petroff, Rieger-Kloss and Sternal.

Studying in the Czech Republic will allow you to live in the heart of Europe and have many countries within walking distance of your home. All this by attending good universities and enjoying low prices

•  Capital Prague

•  Most populated city1,247 million Prague (2013)

•  Czech official language

•  Form of government Parliamentary republic

•  Currency Czech crown

•  Religion Catholicism

Why Choose Czech Republic

•  The facility to validate academic degrees

•  For those studying in Czech, free education, without tuition

•  Its capital, Prague, is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world

•  Due to its geographical location in the heart of Europe, it offers the possibility of traveling to many countries

•  It is a relatively cheap country

•  It has a great brewing tradition

Cost of Study

EUR 1000 per semester which also includes the non refundable registration fee of EUR 20 (CZK 500) is charged by public institutions private university fix their own registration fees

Cost of living

Cost of living in the Czech Republic is significantly lower than in most other EU countries. Total cost of living for a student range of 7,000 to 15,000 Czech crowns per month. The variation depends on lifestyle and location. The international student card is used to obtain discounts for trains, buses and internal plane flights. Most universities have accommodation in bedrooms, called koleje. A shared dormitory is around 2,700 Kč per month. Sharing an apartment can cost 4,000 Czech crowns and private flat 9,500 Czech crowns. One meal in the cafeteria is around 50 Czech crowns, a restaurant meal around 110 Czech crowns and a beer in a pub of around 30 Czech crowns. One loaf of bread is 20 Czech crowns, one kilo of chicken 100 Czech crowns and one kilo of apples 30 Czech crowns. A cinema ticket is from 70 to 200 Czech crowns and Museum admissions start at 40 Czech crowns.

Jobs for students

Non-EU students with a visa require an additional work permit to work. Permits are for a maximum of two years, but may be requested to expire again. However, if they work no more than seven consecutive days or 30 days a year and are under 26 years of age, no permission is needed. Citizens of the EU can work freely under the freedom of the provisions of the European Union movement. However, given the high levels of unemployment in the Republic, it is difficult to find work, pay rates are low by European standards and fluency in Czech is normally required.