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Our medicine degree offers an innovative approach to medical education primarily for self-funded and sponsored international students, training them to become professional, compassionate doctors.

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Aeronautical / Aerospace Engineering is one of the most challenging fields of engineering with a wide scope for growth. This field deals with the development of new technology in the field of aviation, space exploration and defence systems.

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The manufacturer that supplied your brand’s latest order of shirts may well have been thoroughly audited, checked for health and safety regulations, and made to provide employees with a living wage and legal shift patterns.

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Master of Science in Business Analytics (PG)

The Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) at the Rady School is an intensive program that will provide you with the skills to succeed in data-rich business....

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MSc Fashion Business Creation (PG)

The MSc Fashion Business Creation is a pioneering, distinctive programme, integrating the latest academic research insights in fashion and business generally....

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MSc in Strategic Business Management (PG)

The MSc in Strategic Business Management is accredited by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and is aimed at graduates who have an interest in developing.....

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Our Educational Guidance Services will help you find the most suitable educational institutions for you. Knowing that each student will have different interests and requirements, we have formed an expert team with excellent qualities to sort it out from the huge list and help you make it easily.

It is not a big deal when you have the skills and qualifications that are the priority when it comes to job hunts. Unfortunately, not all people are making it even when they have the necessary qualifications and skills.

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Study Of Analysis Science

B.Sc In Forensic Science

  • Degree Level : UG

Study Of Management

Global MBA

  • Degree Level : PG

Bachelor Of Science

Physics , Chemistry , Mathematics

  • Degree Level : UG


Bachelor of science

  • Degree Level : UG

aviation management

BBA - aviation management

  • Degree Level : UG


MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery)

  • Degree Level : UG

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I feel proud that I was one of the students of MBA, through CAMPUSCONTINENTS in a reputed college in Bangalore. The department has made me gain knowledge, solid believe and motivated me. My doubts and queries were always welcomed by the counselors and sometimes lead to healthy discussion which motivated me to develop curiosity and in-depth thinking.

Shubhodas Gupta | MBA

I am pursuing my ENGINEERING with one of the best University and it’s all because CAMPUSCONTINENTS. They use a lot of case studies, discussions and many innovative ways of evaluation. They organize various campus visits, counselling sessions and seminars to give hands on to experience its students.

Veeresh Singh | Engineering (MECH)

Taking admission in INDIA is like paying for an exclusive world tour. CAMPUSCONTINENTS Made easier and affordable to me. It has been a wonderful experience for me. It is indeed beyond boundaries. Potentials are harnessed, skills are developed, confidence is built and dreams are realized.

Okechuku Mazda | BCA

CAMPUSCONTINENTS is one of the best guideline providers for MBA in Bangalore. One can always see the team of committed faculty striving hard in excelling the students in all dimensions. It is because of the excellent Counselors, that I got placed in one of the reputed college.

Shilpa Nagareddy K | MBA

The best thing about CAMPUSCONTINENTS is that they offers you an opportunity to pursue an MBA from the world-renowned University, That gives me an edge over the others, in a world where “Time is Money”.

Arifa Shaikh | MBA

Excellent Faculty members and well educated and experienced counsellors who guided me for the correct career path through education.

Krishvi Hegde N | MBA

Before joining MBA in INDIA, I was anxious of how things would turn up here. Now, I am glad to CAMPUSCONTINENTS for placing in best and reputed college in BANGALORE. It is an experience of a lifetime. You need to study here to experience education.

Hassa-Al-Mohanna | MBA

My primary goals were to gain a well acknowledged international degree, learn through co-students from reputed university, and have the right skills to move up in my career. These have been met through CAMPUSCONTINENTS. Counselling sessions were inspiring and every moment was a new learning with counsellors sharing their knowledge.

Pratigya Sharma | MBA

Studying abroad in Poland has been an amazing experience. It's been years since I've been here, CAMPUSCONTINENTS has guided me and helped me to get in to a well known university in Poland.

Vydehi Gupta | Engineering

Pursuing a Master degree in Australia is fruitful and million dollars worth experience. As a Professional aspiring for a Career growth, Masters Degree is for Securing a Global Business Management Knowledge for the Growth and it is totally a well Educated and Experienced advice through CAMPUSCONTINENTS.

Shalini Singh | MBA

My undergraduate experience in a top ranked College in BANGALORE was enriched with quality education that has prepared me to take up top managerial and leadership roles in the corporate world. The interactive Counselling sessions facilitated me from CAMPUSCONTINENTS to polish upon my interpersonal skills and helped me to boost my confidence.

Divya Khanna | BBA

I am very happy to have chosen the top University of United Kingdom’s for my MBA Graduation. CAMPUSCONTINENTS enrolled me here because of the impeccable reputation of the university and the flexibility of the programme. For me, MBA is the perfect mix of high-level Education

Gungun Bhatia | MBA

If I had to choose a university to do Engineering, Which College would appear on the top of my list? (Which should give me the opportunity to receive a degree with international recognition combined with international education and environment?) This was my main concern. Now that I’m very much satisfied, CAMPUSCONTINENTS cleared my concern and enrolled me in the best college

Jeevika Madan R | Engineering

The Education in India is really one of a kind. The professors are well educated, well versed in their field, and willing to help you with anything you can think of. Students around the globe are always welcomed here.

Tanya Blowey | Engineering (Automobile)

Felt very connected with the faculty and staff. I pitched very good ideas for my future in the Counselling sessions, the one-on-one connection with the counsellors and the students that takes place in CAMPUSCONTINENTS

Wendy Lawson | MCA

CAMPUSCONTINENTS taught me a complete process and right strategy for enrolling into MBA. And the results are much better than I envisioned – 100% interview invitation and huge scholarships from top schools! CAMPUSCONTINENTS team shows the right path to make your dream come true! Truly deserved name to a remarkable group

Rahul Kumar | MBA

CAMPUSCONTINENTS has been a great mentor for me not only when it came to enrolling into reputed B-school applications but also with the entrance preparation phase. They were able to guide me throughout my application process starting from selecting of B-school and making sure that I am happy with the application before submitting it. They were always available whenever I had any queries regarding my applications and provided invaluable feedback from their professional and personal experience.

Daniel Bennett | MBA

On the very first interaction with CAMPUSCONTINENTS I felt very comfortable and then I knew that I was in the right place to guide myself for a better future in my education. And their team of well educated and experienced Counsellors was there to guide me 24*7. Because of their, guidance I got into well reputed university in Germany.

Anshuman Rudrapratap | Engineering (Automobile)

CAMPUSCONTINENT has been a pillar of support during this stressfull and long journey that is enrolling into MBA in top most college in Bangalore. They were my mentor, friend and critic who made sure that all my application material was in its best form. A team of thorough and professional counsellors guided me to its best

Felix Leung | MBA

When I started with my international MBA journey, I knew I needed a mentor to guide me to the unknowns and tips and tricks to get enrolled in reputed university. I consulted CAMPUSCONTINENTS when I was nearly preparing for an average MBA institution it was with their assistance that I raised the level of my target.

Suhana K S | MBA